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March 28th, 2019

Decentralized Web Camp

Internet utopians of the late 20th century envisioned the Web as a great creative spark, a platform with many winners, a tool for all. If the Web has fallen short of that vision, who can rebuild it, but better? Join the community of people who want to build a better Web—a Decentralized Web. Please save the date for DWeb Camp, July 18 - 21. We've reserved a private ranch of untouched coastal land just one hour south of San Francisco. Come code, cook, hack, hike, debate, listen, learn. Let's figure it out together.

Encyclopedia Of Folk Music
This is the tale of a long lost encyclopedia of folk music, missing for 50 years. It’s the story of one daughter’s quest to track down her late father’s life work. Leaving a trail of questionable ownership history in its wake, a version of this folk music bible has finally emerged and found its forever home: the Internet Archive. This is one story you won’t want to miss.
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Google Plus

RIP Google+
Early next week, yet another social platform bites the dust. Once a repository of people’s preoccupations, all captured in images, photos, and chats, Google+ soon joins the graveyard of digital obsolescence. So what’s to be done? Archive it of course! Learn why Internet Archive’s Free-Range Archivist Jason Scott considers Google+ to be just as important to save as all the rest.

Case of Spring
“Come Back, Springs! Come Back!”
Be careful what you wish for! In this cinematic fable, everyman Gilbert, in a fit of frustration, curses the coils in his malfunctioning loveseat, and by extension all spring-kind. His cries catch the ear of unusually specific demi-god Coily the Spring-Sprite, who spirits Gilbert away to a nightmare realm where springs were never invented. Only in their absence is Gil able to appreciate the simple machines that make his modern lifestyle possible. Witness the perils of a spring-less existence, and you too may return transformed into a coil-vangelist. Annoy your friends!

Dog Show
“Who Let the Dogs Out?”
Who’s ready for some LBJ-era good boys!? Coming to us via the Prelinger Archives, enjoy this montage of footage from the International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show. The event played host to nearly 3000 canines across dozens of breeds, including Westminster Best in Show winner, the unstoppable Fleetfoot of Pennyworth. Join us for a whirlwind visit with the bestest friends 1964 had to offer!

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